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Tomte Toys - VW T-1 Special Big "Split Window" Model

VW T-1 Tomte Toys Big Size Scale 1:19 Big Series No. 754

Tomte Toys Big Size Scale 1:19

VW T-1

Big Size Series No. 754

"Split Window" - "Splittie" - "Bulli" - "Bakkie" - "Ute"

 *** VW T-1 Special Big Split Window Model ***

1963 - 1967

NB! BIG Model - Ca.  9 1/2 Inch"

Length: 24 cm - Width - 9,5 cm - Height - 10 cm

- Great Blue version with orange Driver and The Junior Helping Boy - beside him in the front seat! Great details on this model!

This "Special" Tomte Model -

*** This the only one made by Tomte Laerdal in two parts ***

This one - blue body and orange interior!

Check underneath to see details!

Orange Wheels/tyres - ALL named:


Tyres with ventilated and chromed Hub-Caps!

"TOMTE" on Silverpainted  "Licence Plate" in the back

Silverpainted V-Front, headlights, bumper and sidebars!

These where made in 4 colour-combinations:

A. Blue with orange wheels, driver & interior

B. Yellow with red wheels, driver &  interior

C. Red with yellow wheels, driver &  interior

D. Orange with blue wheels, driver & interior

Extra: Red Faded Models - "Pink" - Often Sun/light faded

(Normally a part of the most collectors as "Played with - used")

Often faded parts on many old Tomte-Cars

 Bite-marks, painted, named and other secondary markings are usual!

Some where used heavily and played a lot with!

Great Model Toys made for Children for long time use and fun!

Some countries have their own terms similar to pick-up,

Named "UTE" in Australia and New Zealand!

In South Africa they are named as "Bakkie"

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