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Big Fire Truck - Stor Brannbil fra Tomte Lærdal


Tomte Toys - Big Red Fire Engine - 500


*Åsmund S. Lærdal * Stavanger * Norway *


Tomte Fire Engine 500

The Big Red Version in Soft Rubber

Model 1959-63

Tomte Toys

Fire Engine Type 500


Model B-2 - "Heavy 315 Editon"

No. B-2 Great Red Fire Engine 500 Made in Soft Rubber

Ref. Red. and Toy-Collector:

Tom Rikard - borned in 1953 - Young boy - 7 Years old in 1960 !

Great Toy for a Young Boy at the time!

A Great Christmas Gift!


Length: Ca. 25 cm (24,8 cm) Weight: Ca. 315 Grams ! OBS!


Back: Number: "500"

All wheels marked: "TOMTE TOYS - STAVANGER - NORWAY"

Model B-2 - "Heavy 315 Editon"

No. B-2 Great Red Fire Engine 500 Made in Soft Rubber

"1959 Model" - B-2 - "315-Version" "Deep Red"


Deep Red Sof Rubber with yellow, factory named wheels, with closed metal hub caps - on later Vinyl-models "Ventilated Metal Hub-Caps)

Driving Fire-Fighters - The Fire-Chief in the front and the Second Fire-Fighter in control with the water-pump in back - both men with red fire-man-helmets (Often heads/helmets are chewed on and/or missing)

Very detailed with the big red fire-bell on front and fire-hose's and various tubes equipments in back, really a "American Heavy Duty Fire-Engine" with all needed fire-equipment on both sides: Fire-axe, pumps, fire extinguishers and all other tools !

Variation in Colours over the years: Deep Red to Red and later Orange and Yellow

A very commen colour is the "Pink-version" or also often named as "Faded Red"

A quick check underneath - usually revals the original colour! Ref. Red/Orange/Yellow is "tricky"

(NB! Number in Tom's Private Collection - New Catalog 2012 - No factory number on the toy)

NB! This first edition is "Heavy Duty" made

First versions: B-1 330 gr. and B-2 315 gr. The later versions lighter vinyl: B-3 B-4 B-5 only 238 gr.

These first models where "softer" and "heavy-ier" than later editions, the factory-production tried and experimented with different material mixture in the early 1950-ies before the finally models "The vinyl-models" came in the 1960 and 1970-ties! - 1963 New Models in Vinyl from "Hydro"

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